The Hebrew name may come from the word ‘reuit’ or ‘reuth’ meaning, ‘sight or something worth seeing’ or the word for ‘friendship’, either is quite fitting for a young woman with her beauty or the amiable characteristic of faithfulness attributed to her.

The story of Ruth is an oasis in the desert, a wonderful charming picture of love, dedication and redemption in the midst of the chaos of the age of Judges. Ruth the Moabitess woman, marries into a Jewish family, and all the men of the family die. She forsakes her pagan heritage and shows great loyalty to her mother in law, clinging to the people of Israel and to the God of Israel. She scavenges for food to keep herself and Naomi alive. It took the grace of God to befriend a bitter woman as Naomi.

But God is an all-seeing God, El Roi, and due to her faithfulness in such a time of faithlessness, God rewards Ruth, as she gleans barley in a field, the wealthy Boaz takes an interest in Ruth and orders his workers to watch over her. Naomi recognizes Boaz as her late husband’s relative and encourages Ruth to pursue him as one who weds a relative’s widow in order to continue the family line, a “kinsman redeemer.”

Ruth and Boaz get married and instantly the Lord blesses them with a son, Obed, whose son was Jesse, whose son was David. Who became Israel’s greatest King.

Ruth was the great grandmother of David whose family line comes directly from Abraham all the way to the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

The main theme of the book is redemption and Ruth could be considered a ‘type of church’ and ‘Boaz’ a ‘type of Christ’ as our kinsman redeemer.

God Bless


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