There is something that is quite clear after reading Genesis, that left to our own devices we attempt to mess all things up and that despite our best attempts, God intends to do something to alter that. The covenant that He made with Abraham that he would bring blessing to all nations is an essential part of Gods purpose and central to the Bible.

That promise had 3 key points: There would be a people – descendants of Abraham. There would be a special relationship between God and that people. God would give them a land.

The Israelites multiplied and prospered in Egypt , and after the death of Joseph, Abrahams great grandson who entered Egypt as a slave and rose to second in command behind Pharoah, the Egyptians see the numbers of Israelites as a threat and a new Pharoah enslaves them and sends out an edict that all their new born boys shall be slain . An Israeli mother hides her son in the bulrushes of the Nile river and is found by Pharoahs daughter who brings him up as her adopted son and calls him Moses.

When Moses had grown up he sees an Egyptian beating an Israelite and kills him. He flees to the land of Midian. God hears the cry and remembers the covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and appears to Moses in a burning bush ,and that his mission is to lead his people out of Egypt and Moses reluctantly agrees to demand the release of the Israelites from Pharoah and both he and his brother Aaron go to see Pharoah .

Pharoah refuses and he treats the Israelites even harsher than before, God sends a series of ten plagues on Egypt ending with the death of every first born child, except those of the Iszraelites who put sacrificial blood on their lintels to allow the Angel of Death to Passover them. This deliverance is still continued annually today.

Pharoah finally allows the Israelites to leave, “ the Exodus “, but then changes his mind and sends his army to pursue them. Guide by Gods, pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night, they reach the Red Sea. By Gods command, Moses holds out his hand and raises his staff over the sea. The sea parts and the Israelites pass through with Pharoahs army pursuing behind, With the Israelites safe passage God through Moses closes the sea and drowns the complete army.

Moses leads the Israelites through into the desert between Egypt and the promised land. The people complain about hunger and thirst, and God feeds them on a substance called manna and Moses provides water by striking a rock with his staff. They defeat the Amalekites, by intercession as Moses requires help to keep his hands aloft to the Lord and they come to Mount Sinai and make their camp.

At Mount Sinai, God delivers the Ten Commandments to Moses, rules for worship and moral laws. God made a covenant with the people of Israel. Then the leaders of the people accompany Moses part way up the mountain and feast before God; Moses ascends to the top alone. and remains there for forty days.

Whilst Moses was communing with God on the mountain, the people grew restless and smelt their gold into a golden calf which they worship and dance around. God tells Moses of their disobedience and he descends the mountain with the two tablets of stone with the commandments on. When he sees the people dancing and worshipping the golden calf he smashes the tablets and grinds the golden calf into dust. then uses the tribe of Levi to kill nearly 3000 of those who had been disobedient.

Moses goes up the mountain again with 2 new tablets, and again has another vision of God and further commands . on his descent his face shone so bright that from thence forward he wore a veil when he was speaking to people.

Under instruction from Moses, the people create the Tabernacle, their place of worship. Within it lay the Holy of Holies, a sacred space which contained the Ark of the Covenant, a wooden chest. When the Tabernacle was completed, the glory of the Lord descende upon it in the form of a cloud by day and fire by night. It was only when the cloud lifted that the Israelites continued their journey to the promised land of Canaan.

God bless


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