Action Van
Motorhome packed and ready to go...

Sometimes, when you are backed into a corner there’s only one way to go. That’s forward. I didn’t have the time, experience or the finances. Put your trust in the Lord, submit your plans to Him and He will make your paths straight.

A little while ago, August 2015, I was reading the Holy Bible in Rochdale Town Centre, over 40 days. It took approximately 4 hours a day, an hour each way to transfer all the equipment and set up or pack away and 2 hours reading. I used a little sack truck to transfer it all from the church through Falinge estate, supposedly a rough area, it really isn’t but has that reputation. I had no car though sometimes I would get a lift. It wasn’t a problem if I didn’t, I much prefer to be self reliant. That’s not to say that I don’t work well in a team, it says, if I’ve said I will do something it will be done.

The trolley was a little overworked and overloaded. I heard the Lord say to me, “If you are faithful with the little I have given you then watch the increase only I can provide!”

A brother loaned me a better sack truck. I was overjoyed, it meant I could carry more weight, more equipment.

The next time I read the Holy Bible, I had a 4 wheel trolley and a gazebo. Fantastic, more equipment, more weight. That was 2016

Today I have 6 wheels on the motorhome and it can carry loads of Holy Bible’s and tracts.  Now that is some increase Lord, Hallelujah!

The now converted motorhome used to be a disabled access minibus. This wasn’t going to be easy. It had a hydraulic lift on the rear, 13 seats and 2 places for strapping down wheelchairs and looked nothing like a motorhome. There were many plus points, it was lined (insulated), had a sunroof, sidestep and ” I am a child of God” so anything is possible in Him. 1 John 3 and Galatians 3 : 26

DVLA legislation states that you need only a few things…

  • A full length bed that is a minimum of 180cm. The bed must be secured to both the side and the floor.
  • A table that you can sit at with the table secured. It may be detachable.
  • A minimum of 2 ring cooker , it must be secured and have a power supply that meets regulations that also is secured.
  • It must have storage facilities that are secured to both wall and floor.
  • It must have a sink that is serviceable. It does not need to have running water. There is a lot more that could be done but these are the basic requirements.  
  • It must have an access door, ie side or rear.
  • It must have at least one window. 

The planning took quite a bit of my time, other self builds on the internet had taken a lot more time and money than what I had.

There are many other things for consideration, but these were the basic guidelines that I had to adhere to.

Layout plan is indicative of the vehicle size. A high top roof means you can stand up fully, it had a sidestep and handrails at the side door, a great asset when this is going to be the main access, the front door say. The flooring was already in with part quick release tracking. The majority of the seats were bolted through the floor and  took some shifting to release them underneath. 16 years of running around rainy Lancashire causes a bit of rust. Julie Mellor transformed a pair of curtains into 4 tailor made curtains, roller blinds fitted to the rear and DIY black and silver privacy film was added to make it look less like a bus. A friend, Pow, who owns Fleet Graffix, designed and fitted the motorhome design decals, for free.

It was another opportunity to witness to him about Jesus Christ and repentance from sin. We don’t have to see the immediate response, sow the seed, pray, let go and let God.

Other things just happened at the right time, I popped into Aldi one late evening for dog food and bread for breakfast, wow, a brand-new 21” TV / DVD with freeview for a motorhome , runs off both 12v + 230 for £99! Others I had seen were more than double , it was too good to miss. A visit around the scrap yards looking for a roofrack came up trumps, an extra highroof one with mesh floor £50, which means I can open the sunroof and also clean the roof under the rack.

Insurance is incredibly cheap for motorhomes, it’s a third of the price of my little 1 litre, 3 cylinder, group 1 insurance, Citroen C1.

I have utilized as many things as possible for this project, not just because I’m careful with money, or  that I didn’t have much, I think it’s important to not be wasteful and appreciate what we have. Recycling is an important part of that. God gave us dominion over all the earth isn’t it important that individually we try not to ruin it.