The Spirit took Philip away!

The Spirit took Philip away!

After nearly 3 months stopping in my friends converted barn, it was time to leave. To head back to the UK, and get ready for Nepal in 3 weeks. I was a bit apprehensive over the long journey too. 650 kms to Calais, then 300 miles from Dover to Rochdale was looming large. I spent yesterday packing and storing, then up early today packing. Then to town to the vets with Bertie for 8:30 then back to cleaning , until 1200, all done, ready to go. I was a bit worn out already. A great friend prayed for me and encouraged me with a message. “Put on some worship, blast it out, praise Jesus all the way, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.”

I had planned on doing a 2/3 hours driving, depending on how I felt, maybe 150 km, then split the rest over 2 days, I only drive steadily these days, 50mph or so. Imagine my own surprise as I got carried away with the worship and clocked up over 400 kms, 6 hours later!

 The Spirit carried Philip away in the end of the  book of acts 8 and took him to Azotus. That  was probably a days distance away, where he carried on preaching. There are many recorded incidents where the Spirit of the Lord has removed people from harm in an instant and set them down perfectly fine and safe, but that is what can be expected as a saved believer in Jesus. His guarding hand protecting us at all times, from danger and peril at times we are oblivious to the Lord’s work. “With God, all things are possible.”

I do not mean to profess that I was oblivious to the driving and it was only by supernatural means, though all things are possible. What I mean is to encourage you all to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus in the things that they do. Even if they seem trivial, we may not see the effects. But be sure, He hears all our prayers and distributes the blessings accordingly. Amen.

We are now at Audresselles, about 20 miles from Calais with some spectacular views. Parked up for the evening, after having rebooked our ferry crossing again. As we are well in front of my own plans, hopefully get to see my granddaughter tomorrow back in the UK.

God bless



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  1. Fran Lynn Strandholt

    Still coming through on spam. But the message doesn’t change..great and uplifting. Our God is an awesome God.

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