For just a moment as this

For a Moment as this

For just a moment as this!

Yesterday, the blog or post was entitled ‘Look to the day of the Lord,’ and in the middle of that, I mentioned “a moment in a supermarket carpark,” well I would just like to elaborate on that if I may. In the afternoon we went to the supermarket in the town, I had intended to go earlier but I was held back a little in my spirit, there was no urgency and during this wonderful time here, I have learnt to listen to the little promptings as well as the big. So we went and got some provisions and on my way back across the car park, I saw a gentleman whom I had only seen once and witnessed to not too long ago.

I called his name with my arm aloft waving as I headed toward him with a big smile, it was though I had known him a long time and we were old friends. He didn’t recognise me at first, the retired gentleman, an ex-British naval officer with a strong grip as I shook his hand vigorously, “I spoke to you about Jesus Christ sir,” was my introduction, “Ah yes, I remember,” he replied, “but I am afraid that I haven’t read those things yet.” I had dropped the gospel of John and some appropriate tracts in an envelope into his postbox, “That’s ok, you have them to read when you want to at your time,” I said. After asking him how he was, he explained that it wasn’t though he didn’t believe in a god and also Jesus, he just didn’t see where they fitted in his life.

I asked him where he thought he would go after he passes away? Where was he going to spend eternity? He answered that maybe heaven as he had not been a bad person, I agreed with him that yes he didn’t seem like a bad person at all, however I explained to him what it says in the Bible, that all sin is sin, and that no-one is righteous not one, I explained about repentance and Jesus being the propitiation for our sin and that He is the only way to the God, and that it is the free gift of salvation, and that eternity is to that we may know and spend it with Them.

He said that he just didn’t think he would ever ‘get it’ like I had, he said, and asked in return an earlier question that I had given to him, “What is the sum of your life, sir?” “For this very moment sir, this very moment here on a Friday afternoon in France talking to someone I barely know, is the sum total of my life, being able to tell you the truth about Jesus Christ sir!”

It may, in the cold light of day seem impertinent to be asking a retired gentleman in a supermarket car park in France, about life and death, eternity, sin, repentance and their core belief in God and Jesus Christ, but let’s look at it another way, if an old man was going to fall off a cliff, would you do everything in you to stop them, to help them, to pull them back from the edge of the cliff, to get them to come and sit down on the bench to take in the view from a place of safety?

All of my questions were delivered in love, warmth and peace, we shook hands warmly as we went our separate ways, and the gentleman thanked me for my time and promised earnestly that he would now take the time to read the Gospel of John.

I will to continue to keep him in my prayers and I thank the Lord for the precious moments in time like this. Amen.

God Bless


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