Walk Worthily

Walk worthily

Today is day 61 of the 66 day reading plan, reading books; 57 & 58 of the 66 books, namely 2 Corinthians and the book of Galatians. These may seem like large chunks of scripture, too large perhaps to chew on, possibly, I don’t debate what is acceptable, these were specifically apportioned to enable the whole Bible to be managed at a comfortable pace of approximately one hour per day. Is that too large for the Holy Spirit to give us illumination? Definitely not, this very morning, part way through my reading, the Holy Spirit raised a certain portion of scripture into such a building intensity of radiating light, that the words were barely visible in their natural form of dried ink on paper, they were delicately peeled like that by a skilled surgeon from their original pressed in state by the printing press and accompanied by a growing glowing glorious warmth of light never found under the sun or electrical showrooms and transferred through my sight into my mind and down to my heart, filling my heart to bursting with the glory of His name. Hallelujah !!! There is no need for me to query or have any confusion over these passages ever again, they are now sealed in.

Today is also the 22nd of January, and in exactly a month’s time I shall be setting off to Kathmandu, Nepal for the purpose of linking up with my friend and brother in Christ, Pastor Bhim to share the good news of Jesus Christ. So this mission is for 6 weeks and there is a plan to go out on at least 2 missions to travel to the outskirts of Nepal to the borders of China and then India to visit the villages and towns along the way, sharing wherever we can the Good News. Which means that though I have been doing quite a lot of sitting recently, mostly in front of a computer or reading, there is a time coming where it will be much more action on the feet, walking, so it is now time for me to change tack a little and push on with getting fitter and to be ready for this opportunity. Over the last few weeks I have allowed some lethargy to sneak in and it doesn’t take long before you start to feel its effects, aches and pains become a bit more intense, excuses seem to carry more weight, the cold seems to bite a little harder. Now that I have finished all 66 of the overviews for each individual book, I can limit my time in front of a computer, I do find a computer screen an incredible mental drain I could never have worked in an office, well it is now time to step out and get some much more measured walking in. We started today with approximately 12 miles, which was a bit of a surprise for Bertie, he never knows how far we are going, I also have to give consideration to the long drive that we have to do, its nearly 650 km from here to Calais and then another 350 miles from Dover, so it just takes a little bit of different application.

In Watchman Nee’s brilliant little book on the process of Christian maturity called; “Sit – Walk – Stand”, he wonderfully guides the believer through the building steps of faith in Him, with a particular emphasis on extracts from the book of Ephesians;


  • Sit – Our position in Christ (2:6)
  • Walk – Our life in the world (4:1)
  • Stand – Our attitude to the enemy (6:1)

Metaphorically speaking, my own walking mirrors my present walk, that I am now in preparation for this mission to Nepal, it has been built on the foundation of prayer since our meeting together in 2016, and will continue to do so, I would be forever grateful and blessed if you could include this mission in your prayers, for the meetings and incidences that are set before, for the pathways to be opened to present the gospel of Jesus Christ in new places, breaking down barriers and strongholds of the enemy, bringing glory to God in the highest, forever. Amen.

God bless

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