As Many As You Find Invite to the Wedding

Therefore, go into the highways, and as many as you find, invite to the wedding

Yesterday I had written about ‘Not sitting in the coldness, but stepping out in boldness,’. A reference to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit always wanting to be out there, on a mission to bring glory to God. Another part of the writing yesterday was about my dog Bertie eagerly eyeing me, in question of ‘Are we going out yet?’ Like today follows yesterday, this post follows on from completing writing yesterday, and then taking Bertie straight out for a walk in the afternoon. He wasn’t that desperate may I add. He has the freedom of a very large field where he can go running around, however he was just keen for US to go out.

The morning cold had lifted, and although the sun was hidden for the day by the different layers of grey blanket clouds, there was a new mildness that came as the wind had calmed to a light breeze. I donned my coat and boots and as I often do, chose a short book that I might pick a few cherries from along the road, dependent on how far we go, weather, etc.. Today I chose one from my selection of the excellent Mr David Pawson, titled: The God and the Gospel of Righteousness. A wonderful short book that emphasises that many people perceive that the heart of the Gospel is that God is Love and that He loves everybody unconditionally, however, Jesus nor His apostles ever preached like that.

David Pawson has an itinerant ministry to church leaders in the UK and overseas and is well known to many through Christian broadcasting and the author of numerous books, possibly the most notable being ‘Unlocking the Bible.’

As we set off down the road, the first passage from this little book ‘The God and the Gospel of Righteousness’ reiterates the parable of the wedding feast in Matthew’s Gospel from Chapter 22:1-14, and as I read this, I pray to the Lord that my desire is only to be a better servant to the Lord and that if the Lord is willing let me be one of His servants to go into the streets to invite those to the wedding feast and as the scripture says ‘as many as you find, invite to the wedding’ (Matthew 22:9), well Lord, I will find many, just like you ask Lord, because I will go in boldness in Your name, I will move fast, I will invite as many as I can Lord. My mind wandered to the feast at the start of the sound of the trumpet’s, from there, no more invites can be handed out, that’s it, times up, will you be sat in robes of righteousness, me, I will be happy to have the crumbs that fall from the Master’s table. (Matthew 15:21-28).

Anyway, there won’t be much chance of handing out any invites today I thought, as I break from praying and stick the book in my pocket, these roads are unbelievably quiet around here, specifically this one, you may get 3 or 4 cars going past in the whole day, it’s extremely rare to see anybody else out walking, maybe as you get nearer the town but not here. I don’t even bother ever bringing Bertie’s lead when we are out walking around here, I may only drop it out of my pocket, if on the very rare occasion I hear a car, remember it is that lovely and peaceful that you hear the car coming before you see it, that I just call him over to the side of the road and get him to sit and we wave at whoever it is as they drive by.

I look around and the big dog from up the road has been following us sneaking up behind at a short distance, and then I hear a car coming up. I call Bertie over to the side and I don’t believe it, really, I hear a car coming from the other way too! The car on the way up slows as the big dog is stood in the middle of the road, it does not respond to my call, I offer a sign of apology as the man lowers his window and pulls into the side where we are to allow the other car room to pass, “Pardon Monsieur, ce n’est pa chien, She is not mine, she follows,” I offer apologetically. My half French half English and lots of arm waving and pointing and sorrowful looking appears to offer a suitable explanation. “Oh, is she the one from up the road” he replies in perfect English with a Lincolnshire twang. I am amused at my own attempt at communication. Whilst he is pulled into the side, the other car passes, and after introduction, I am led to enquire if everything was alright, and though the question surprised me, the response was even more so, “Not really,” he opened with.

After quite some time at the side of the road, interspersed with listening to this dear man, he had heard my testimony and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and my solemn confession that I had just been praying to God barely a few minutes prior to this encounter for an encounter as such as this! Praise the Lord!

So (one of) our walk’s today, Bertie and I, will be to drop off this copy of John’s gospel and a ‘4points’ gospel tract for this man (in English), and I do hope to see him at the wedding, well he is invited, Praise the Lord, I hope to see you all there, and don’t forget to invite a friend. Amen.

God Bless.  


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