1. Shereen Pitt

    Den, Julie & I have just been reading this together as we are celebrating the birth of our saviour as we do every year together. We are blessed and encouraged by your testimony and just by knowing you!

    • Thank you both for your constant friendship and encouragement and your prayers. The blessing is mutual my friends, fruit needs many things to grow , not only did you help in the planting but you both help in my growth. Bless you both, much love. xx

  2. Kath Ibbotson

    It is so true that when we walk through “the valley of the shadow” we will be comforted. What a lovely account of that awesome provision for you. Bless you Den. Thanks for sharing.

  3. B. Skett.

    Praise the Lord, so.pleased that all is well, Den.
    Praise God for how well it all went at the hospital. That’s favour, God looking after u.
    So imprssed with your journey, Den.
    Every blessing to u.x

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