In all your ways acknowledge Him

In all your ways acknowledge Him, and he will direct your paths.


Today as I awoke, there was something my mind that had been around before so I thought it best to explore it. It could be something being brought to the forefront for a particular reason? It was to do with studying and how for a long time I had an understanding that there was two different types of people when it came to study, just two. And this thought had come from my schooldays and how we formulate our own understanding of the strategy of how we best learn or for that remember things.

During our whole school lives from infancy to university, some do get off along the way and others go beyond. We are constantly being fed a variety of information supposedly for our well being and continuation in adult life. Preparation for a long working career, which is interspersed with benchmarks along the way, exams. These are to evaluate where we are in comparison to the information that we have been given. But it is the preparation for them that I was thinking about and the two different types of people.

One type have a plan. They will study along the way, they retain the knowledge and build it in layers of time. It is a long process that builds steadily each time so that as the time approaches for the dreaded exam, they have reached a temporary peak where they can produce the best result.

Type two has a plan with a difference. Their plan is much more disorganised. They may only study when they feel like it, or when it’s absolutely necessary. Just a few days before the exam if not only the night before. This doesn’t necessarily result in poorer results, it results in a different type of person. One who achieves better results under pressure. Sometimes having to recreate that pressure themselves artificially to get the better stimulation.

Type two would not achieve very good results if they had to adopt type ones methods and likewise type one would not be very comfortable with type twos methods of preparation.

Each one, everybody has their own preferred method of study that they carry into their adult life. It is deep rooted and can sometimes be a help or a hindrance. If it hasn’t been a hindrance, then keep going.

After today’s personal reading and studying of the Bible, I went for a walk. I say I, however I mean we, me, Bertie and Rita. She is the big wolf looking dog from the farm down the road. She decides to follow us now and again. Bertie doesn’t appear to like it as it encroaches on his time out so he walks in front. Rita is not sure whether she should come, so she follows about 5 yards behind. Sneaking up when we are not looking.

I’m looking at the complete abandoned life. Searching my inner self, to give myself to God, at His service, every moment of every day. I am finding more of me that I haven’t let go of yet, more of me that holds on tightly. In the gospel of John 3:30 we read “He must increase but I must decrease.”

The white dog leads the way down the path. Only a few feet in front, I look behind me and there is the wolf dog who stops suddenly, her eyes waiting for the next move. “Lead on,” say I “Lead on.”

I have become aware of many different scriptures that have been overused and this can bring a level of confusion, for example;

“In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

Now I’ve heard this particular scripture applied to many, many things. It seems like a Christian postage stamp to put on as a label to any box of temporary ideas. It isn’t, it is a whole hearted, whole minded commitment.

In ALL YOUR WAYS, it can’t just be a few, not half of, not most of, not nearly all, but IN ALL YOUR WAYS!  The preceding scripture says,

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

And lean not on your own understanding.”

So, as I look and read and meditate on these scriptures, I become abundantly aware that there is much work to be done. The work may get harder and harder, the path may get narrower and narrower. The wolf dog may get closer and closer behind, nevertheless as I look to the white dog in front, I say in a soft, calm voice, “Lead on my friend, Lead on!”

God Bless

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