I see men like trees walking

“ I see men like trees, walking. ” Mark 8:22

All this morning it rained. Heavy rain. For some, this would not have been pleasing or pleasant. For large portions of my life, this would not have been a good morning. Being involved in construction, a constant downpour of rain is not what I would have wanted to see. Or hear for that matter, from inside the conservatory. Here it’s a pleasant sound to my ears as the rain rebounds of the poly-carbonate roofing like hard peas on a drum skin.

The noise of the rain is made more profound here as the lack of other background noise is immensely prevalent and wonderful. It takes some time to get used to. Sat here in the protection from the elements whilst being able to see and hear them does not make me feel the need to touch or taste the rain to complete the sensation. I’m ok with seeing and hearing for the time being.

Bertie however, was not as easily pleased, as I was though. He wanted to go out for a walk like we normally do, he doesn’t like getting wet. He likes getting dry, me scrubbing him down with his own towel, that bit he likes. So he had a bit of a sulk with me as a couple of times I had got ready to take him out when the rain stopped but it was only briefly so we didn’t make it. Then we actually made it outside ready to go, then quickly turned back as the heavy rain started again.

After lunch, the clouds drifted by quite quickly and blue sky appeared. We were able to go for a walk and we headed off down the road and came across a path through the woods that we had not been up before. It was an uphill path thick, with fallen leaves underfoot like a forests top grade underlay and dense woodland to either side. I looked through the tall wooden pillars and it was difficult to see the other side.

Little cracks of horizontal light emanated, and it was hard to keep my mind focused on what I was looking at as my mind tried to unscramble the view in front. Dark wooden towers interspaced with differing slivers of light. I had the luxury of knowing what I was looking at as I knew where I was and what I was doing. I have pretty good eyesight, but the position of where I was lead me to thinking of the blind man at Bethsaida from (Mark’s gospel Chapter 8:22). I remembered that Jesus had asked him after He had spat on his eyes and put His hands on him, of what do you see? The blind man looked up and said: “ I see men like trees, walking. ”

Now I have often wondered what is the meaning of this? That he could see men like trees walking? And questioned the thought of the significance of him looking up? I do know this is the only two stage healing that Jesus performs in the bible, and wondered why?

Do we relate this two stage healing to ourselves? That when we are first blessed with a touch from His divine healing hand that is sufficient for our spiritual eyes to start to be opened. Squint and blink we must, before we truly continue in faith and if the Lord should touch our eyes once more, it is only then we start to clearly see?

Or is it perhaps that as the blind man has the miracle of restored sight given to him by the Lord Jesus Christ. His mind cannot understand the things he now sees? To a blind man, being able to see is not an instantaneous action. Like turning on a broken television set after it has been repaired to see that the screen does indeed light up. After a few short moments, it is working fully again. No, the establishment between sight and the mind understanding that sight is immense. In present day understanding, it is years down the line before any type of correalation is built up between the optical organ and the brain deciphering it into something manageable. Is this then why it is a two stage healing.

One to restore the sight and second to repair the pathways between the mind and the eyes? That is not to suggest that Jesus could only do one miracle at a time. No, it is to highlight and bring to my own mind the absolute enormity of the miracles that Jesus performed. When I think of just how blessed I am to either stand there at the edge of a forest and be amazed by Jesus the Great Healer, Saviour of the World or be sat in the comfort of a conservatory typing away with my senses coordinating with each other, sight, hearing, touch…

I thank and praise the Lord,

In Jesus mighty name,


God bless


  1. Hi Den
    I just had a spare and thought of you,hence visiting your website. Glad to see you are still on course and drawing deeply from the Lords well.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here which reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend the other week who had just returned from a ministry tour in India where a man who was 85% blind asked for prayer, after he was prayed for he was asked “What did he see” he replied “ that his vision was still a bit blurred” so they prayed again and this time he saw completely! When I heard this I immediately thought of the story you have just described! More evidence me thinks to ponder these biblical accounts that the Lord has pre-modelled for us in advance. I sense that these ponderings pop up to alert and ready us for the coming days when the needy will stand before us desperately seeking clarity from the ‘Restorer of sight’ for their predicament,where we will be required to speak on His behalf “What do you see”.
    Keep going well Bro.

    • Hey thanks Bro,
      Great testimony, Great God. I do think and wonder why it is seldom heard, of what great things and miracles the Lord is doing today in other countries.
      Couldn’t agree more my friend, with everything at hand, all appears to be in hand, and like you i think we will be have to be ready, to be on our feet to “Go!”
      God bless you my friend

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