Consider your ways…

Thus, says the Lord of Hosts; “Consider your ways.”

Haggai 1:7

Today has been a time of consideration and reflection. Many times it is necessary for me to really seek and search for direction on this daily walk. It would be very easy and very like me to just keep going. Steaming ahead, head down, trudging along. But is that what God’s will is for me? So I have a bit of a flexible routine going now.

I know that seems a bit of an oxymoronic statement and I suppose that it is. What it means is that there are definite specific things that I have to do daily. Some of them are done at the same time every day and then there are other things that I allow myself some time to do, so long as they are done at some point then that’s OK.

The first thing I do after waking is pray. This is obviously not down on my ‘list of things I have to do today’. I am so grateful for another day that the Lord has blessed me with, it’s wonderful to thank the Lord and Praise His holy name with your first fruits of the day. I once heard a testimony from a lovely young lady whose words rang so true to me.

The lady had previously at some point in her life been afflicted with an addiction to pills linked to an eating disorder. Though many addictions are the same in their control over you, they all have your mind. It doesn’t matter whether its alcohol, which was my identity with the ladies problem, prescribed pharmaceuticals or black market street drugs even hand rolling tobacco; they all have your mind. It doesn’t matter whether you smoke them, eat them, drink it or inject with a clean or rusty needle, they all have your mind.

Except, said the lady sharing her testimony of God’s grace and infinite mercy, that first moment in the morning. Those few glorious seconds when there is no addiction. Your mind is not functioning yet, the devil within the mind is still resting from all the busy torturing of yesterday but soon stirs. You are free in those moments, briefly snatching thoughts of normality and free choices before the dark thoughts begin to fog the mind and the beast craves its fix.

In that moment, split seconds, mere fractions, the window of opportunity is open. Running across clear meadows of green, green grass, the freshest Swiss mountain air fills your lungs and you feel like dancing and skipping all day like a young child.

SLAM!!! Goes the window, firmly shut once more, the black curtains drawn over the mind of free rational choice and “FEED ME” squawks your addiction like a hungry chick from the nest.

How does anyone get into that predicament? Its surely not by choice? Well, you may think not, but the evil one has many, many ways of making things alluring and acceptable to society. It’s not just illegal drugs that are the menace and tempting tool of the evil one. Many things are disguised as normal, acceptable, when in fact they are there to pull anyone and everyone away from worshipping and giving thanks to the Father.

But God provides a way through His Son Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for all our sins, in that we may know Him, the one true God, our eternal Father.

So being here on my own, (well with Bertie and the Holy Spirit) can be a testing time. I don’t mean that I would go running back to my downfall, of which there were many or tip-toeing. No because once you have met the Lord Jesus Christ and The Son sets you free, you can’t go back. What and crucify Him again! No, it’s not that, I mean complacency!

Yes, complacency. Isn’t that where many of our troubles lay, in the bed of procrastination! There is one of the main killers and smotherer’s of faith today. And it sneaks in unnoticeable at first. A temporary slip, oh its ok, but that lesser mark that I set myself becomes the new lower benchmark of tomorrow!  

Each day is not a religious battle of ‘I must do this’. It is an absolute pleasure to read God’s word, to worship, to study, and to receive and to give. However it is vitally important to be ready for the Lords return so the bed of procrastination will have to find another occupant to lure away.

Haggai 1:5, Consider your ways!

You have sown much and bring in little; 

You eat, but do not have enough;

You drink, but are not filled with drink;

You clothe yourselves, but no one is warm,

And he who earns wages,

Earns wages to put into a bag with holes.”

Thus says the Lord of hosts; “ Consider your ways !”

Self-examination is a must for every spirit filled Christian and if any are found lacking, myself included, is now not the time to go running to the Father with their hearts fully open whilst there is time?

Me, I gathered my own wood, it may not to be to rebuild the temple as in Haggai, but it’s still All Glory to God!

God Bless


  1. *keith taylor

    Hi Den
    I have been following your journey and think what you are doing is not just going to be a life changing experience for you, but for the people life’s you have touched along the way.
    And your ministry.
    Having been a active member of church for nearly 40yrs I lost my faith when my wife passed away 5yrs ago and have attended church since.
    Take care and continue your journey.

    • Thank you Keith for your strong encouragement.
      My heart goes out to you my friend,
      i cant comprehend the loss you have experienced but i know that God does, every pain , all of your loss He shares because He loves you Keith.
      You know 40yrs active service is an incredible amount of love, time and effort my friend, God doesn’t forget His soldiers, they’re ALL Generals to Him, you are a General to Him Sir, with a tremendous amount of experience, veterans can be awesome help to others along the Way.
      Do we really lose faith? Or does it get misplaced or covered in confusion or washed away in tears? If its ok with you, going to send you a personal Email , i do hope that we can get in contact.
      God bless

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