Salt and Light

Salt and Light

Today as we awoke, it was evident it was going to be a lovely day weather-wise. There were no clouds and the sun was getting ready to climb over the horizon. I thank the Lord for the grace and mercy of another day. The first few hours are spent deep in study of God’s Word. Reading and writing notes on my way through the Bible. It’s going to take just under 3 months and I am blessed enough to have been loaned a place in Brittany for this time. Here I can carry out my studies through the winter though today is hardly like winter.

Today is also Wednesday, local market day. Its quaint and pretty small but it gives me an opportunity to see a few of the locals at the same time as get some fresh vegetables and salads.

If I look back to when I was in England and on a daily basis I would be looking for opportunities to witness to people and speak of God’s love and how Jesus had come to Earth, died on the cross, rose again and that there was a way for our sins to be forgiven if we would repent.

That’s not as easy for me here, not that people are averse to the gospel. It’s that I don’t speak French nor can I tell who does and who doesn’t just by looking. Being in a different country shouldn’t stop us from showing the love of God. Nor should it be a hindrance. Scripture says that we are to be ambassadors in Christ wherever we go.

Last week I ordered a vinyl sticker promoting this website for this very reason. I may not be aware of who speaks what, but individually everybody else around knows what language they themselves speak If I put the website on the back of my motor-home people will see it. See that it has the FOURPOINTS logo emblazoned around it and my sketch of Jesus praying. They may take note of the website and have a look and be encouraged. I’m also not the fastest vehicle or driver on the road so invariably I will be holding people up a little but that’s not in any way intentional.

In the gospel of Matthew 5:13-16 on the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus calls for His followers to be both Salt and Light in the world. For us to be Salt we need to look at the qualities of salt. It’s a worldwide food preserver and also flavour enhancer, are we not to preserve and carry the message of Jesus and also bring peace to situations where there is trouble and strife, to be ministers of Christ putting others first in times of sorrow and misery, to repay evil with good with the Love of God where there is hatred and affliction. For us to be the light of the world do we not put our light for all to see, is it not light that casts out darkness, is it not the truth, God’s word that brings light to the darkness of man and his darkened soul, are we not told to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them? The purpose of our light is as v16: to let it shine that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.

Always be on the lookout for the 2 main hindrances for being what Jesus called you to be in Salt and Light, compromise and convenience, the two biggest threats of modern society on the believer today.

Well the postwoman came today with the delivery, so after returning from the market, I had a little job to do of fitting the stickers to the rear doors of the motorhome and I must say they look pretty good. It is not my intention for people to follow me, a worthless sinner saved by the blood of Jesus, but for them to come into a right relationship with God who loves them.

Though they may have to follow my van for a short while until it is safe to overtake.

God bless


  1. Shereen Pitt

    Your every day kindnesses have no language. I’m sure you are communicating very well!

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