1. A Mckinley

    Nice sunset photos Denis your journey is blessed. had to replace battery on my car also wednesday morning a good battery is needed for winter months.

      • Hi Den, Mexican Batman was some amusing art creation that I thought was a amusing that I found a while ago (I’m not even sure it’s supposed to be Batman, but it definitely looks like it)…I was just surprised that it appeared as my profile picture on here! I’ll have to see how to change it. How strange. haha. Fun reading your journeys and writing. Be blessed!

        • Hi Sarah ,
          I kind of like having someone who is reading the journeys whom i could list as’ A Mexican Batman’, it adds so much more fun and colour.
          The reality that it is actually you, who was one of the main supports of Creative Word is quite daunting as i worry over these amateur scribblings and perusals as to how they are received. So it is thanks to people like your good self that have helped me tremendously along this journey. God bless you . x

  2. Aww bless you Eddie and Julie .
    Bertie would send his love too , but he’s snoring in front of the fire !
    Ps . Thank you for all that you have done along the way , much love . Xx

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