2 PETER 1:5 But also for this very reason, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge

2 PETER 1:5.  But also for this very reason, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge

Today has been another tiresome day. Busy finishing fitting the second solar panel and charging system to the motorhome. Planning and making a detachable table as the one I had already made was unusable now. I had fitted this new designed sofa bed. I had checked the weather forecast this morning. Great I thought, rain stops about 8 am and just cloudy skies until 8 pm tonight.

They got it completely wrong again. It was drizzling all morning until about 3 pm. By which time I was wet through and really cold, and to be honest a little miserable. I knew that it would not be long before the feeling passed.

All my tools were wet, as I put them away, but I was really pleased with progress and the size and quality of the table, and more importantly, I had salvaged wood from the sofa I had chopped up to make the table.

Reducing costs and waste always brings a smile to me!

However I was cold, tired, wet and hungry. I needed to travel to park up. I saw a “post “ a Christian sister had put on Facebook and tagged me in to say that they really missed Creative Word College ( CWC ) that was in Rochdale.

Though I have been “saved“ less than 3 years, I had the immense privilege of attending this college for 3 terms. Well the very mention of the place had me reminiscing uncontrollably. What joyful memories stirred around inside wanting to escape. The founder and principal was a wonderfully gifted and passionate man about The Word of God. Mr Keith Mason, I nicknamed him the `Profostle`. He was like a Professor and an apostle all in one!

Being there encouraged me tremendously, with blessing after blessing. It extended my Christian network, meeting others from other churches from all over. The program was wonderfully varied with Keith hiring a mixed bag of tutors to serve up the word. This was no diet of God’s daily bread. This was a veritable belly busting, daily feast!   An `All you can eat’ buffet of God breathed nourishment! Keith and the other tutors would take us on breathtaking roller-coaster rides of The Word to feed our hunger. Like newborn chicks, our hunger was satiated, but only temporarily.

I studied hard and tried my hardest to keep up to speed. What I lacked in biblical knowledge was growing and I would compensate by writing books worth of notes, which I still have and often search through.

I had a strange way of digging up scriptures, often using a combination of tools to extract the goodness. A sledgehammer to crack certain chapters and verses open and sometimes having the finesse of a brain surgeon or an archaeologist to fine comb a word.

The Holy Bible. I would be listening to it on my way walking up to the college, be taught about it during the day. I would be reading it on my knees at home for hours every day, praying over it, carry different bags wherever I was so I could always have a bible with me. I would often go to sleep with one under my pillow.

I did this because of my passion for the Word. the Holy Word of God, its no good just admiring it from a distance, you have to get into it. I didn’t do it to just recall it, I want to study it to bring it to the forefront of my mind , so that His word is on my lips day and night. And God’s word says to add knowledge to my faith .

God bless


  1. Fran Strandholt

    So honest and I wish I still had that excitement and physical energy to bury myself in the word.

    • Thank you Fran for your continuing support and encouragement.
      There is a verse in 2 TIMOTHY 1 : 6 , that says about ” stirring up the gift of God inside you ” or ” fan into flame ” in another version , it is something we are encouraged to do for ourselves .
      Bless you Fran. X

  2. Barbara skett

    What can i say, but, i am so impresssed by your jouney. By how well u hv done & are doing, spiritually & otherwise. What a mighty man of God u are Den.
    God bless u. xx Which He does, obviously.

    • Thank you and bless you Barbara , for your encouragement and support.
      The Lord has blessed me by also putting wonderful solid Christians along my path like yourself Barbara .
      Much love
      Den . X

  3. Jen

    Do you have suggestions to help people like me get motivated to read daily? Do you use an app or follow certain daily devotion apps?
    Maybe create a post about how we can get motivated to read more, how to make it a part of our daily routine. Just a thought?

  4. Praise the Lord for His glorious timing !
    And bless you for your honesty Jen , I feel led to do something on this very important issue.
    There will be something very soon incorporated into a daily blog.
    Bless you. X

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