High winds all day

This morning at Hollingworht Lake before the high winds.

Today we awoke up at the local lake early and went for a walk around. Bertie enjoying himself free off the lead, me walking and reading study notes from my bible. The forecast today was littered with fraught warnings regarding the tail end of hurricane Ophelia. Northern Ireland to be the most affected area of the British Isles but we were to get high winds all day.

There were no early signs of this this morning, however things certainly changed mid morning. We were on our way to Blackburn Rovers football ground, Ewood Park.

There we were to purchase an extremely cheap second-hand futon, sofa bed. It is going to be a replacement for the motorhome, removing 4 of the travelling seats in exchange for a more practical second bed.

On the way we noticed the strange colour of the sun and at times the surrounding skies. A glowing red sun and burnt umber tinged clouds, caused me to more than glance to see if my eyes were not mistaken, thinking it must be the tinge of the sun visor screen.

It wasn’t apparently. It is the visual effects of the Saharan sand whipped up by the wind and carried around in the swirling air. I had a few conversations about this unusual occurrence. The wind picked up, it was getting stronger as leaves carried out merry dances, making fast circles across the floor. We were indeed getting high winds.

It was blustery on the way back to Rochdale. With the sofa bed bought and loaded up. Once back I managed to get the motorhome in for an MOT. Praise the Lord it passed! That means preparation just changed to actual plan, for the next season.

4 seats removed and dispatched to the council tip and I have started to measure and saw the sofa bed (it’s a 3 seater , I only want a 2 ½ seater). Then Monday evenings are always spent serving the Lord at Bridges, more commonly known as Sing 4 your Supper!

The wind may blow, huff and puff, but our faith is to be unshakable.

The psalmist wrote in Psalm 78:26 “He caused the wind to blow in the heaven’s, and by His power He directed the south wind.“

 God bless

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