Returning from the Promised Land

After landing back in the early hours this morning from Israel, today has been a strange day. Mixed  emotions as I have shared some of the occurrences of the Holy Spirit moving in situations and God’s hand covering us in protection and guidance and blessing .

I have thanked some of my friends for their help and assistance. Specifically my friend Phil whom designed this site and edits and publishes the posts. Spending valuable time on a daily basis with his technical skill, experience and knowledge.

Also to my sister in Christ , Kath Moon whom has lovingly looked after my other partner, my dog Bertie. Kath has so much Love that she constantly gives out  to all around her, especially the lost, broken and unloved.

Bertie was so excited to see me today he was dancing about like King David, he didn’t know what to do. Especially as Kath had some cooked sausages wrapped in foil ready to give out to all the dogs . X.

It’s going to be difficult to hold on to all the things that happened as this wasn’t a holiday as such. These were holy days and it is my intention to savour them, chew on them and use them for their best potential.

One of the main things that I plan to do with the memories is use them and roll them in the Holy Bible. Like a baker using a rolling pin. The dough is the bible, the memories are the flour or the yeast that is worked in. I have returned with several maps of Israel, Sea of Galilee,  Jerusalem, the Via Dolorosa etc… And all of these can now shed more light for me as I read God’s word.

I have struggled in the past with the geographical locations in the Bible as I have read it , my mind being distracted with side issues like “I wonder where this is“, “I have no idea where that is“, or “ How far is this that they have traveled “  etc…. 

I have used a small map in the back of my bible to help me, but they are really quite small and for me difficult to get the picture.

Now, I will know where Jesus was more realistically and be able to conjure up a clearer image in my mind to help me understand better. I don’t profess that this is what is necessary, only for me, to help satiate my hunger and thirst for God’s word.

It’s my intention to quite soon, take some serious time, about 2 months, to reread and study all the way through the Holy Bible again. Cutting off the distractions of life. As far as practicable, to be in temporary seclusion. To pray, draw nearer to God, and let the Holy Spirit work in and through me to help me study the Word  deeper.

So it wasn’t just a holiday, but preparation for study of the scriptures. I accept wholeheartedly that I have to try harder than many to study and retain the Word, for I spent so much time out in the world. Nearly 50 years.

The Holy Bible says in ROMANS 12:2, “Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

2 PETER 1:5 says “ .. add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge.“

And  2 TIMOTHY 2:15 says “Be diligent to prevent yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth. “

God bless

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