When hope is lost, God breathes life!

 This was the central theme at a wonderful, Jesus centred Pentecostal church in Saffron Walden that I had the pleasure of visiting on Compassion Sunday. 

Wherever I am it’s a privilege to walk into a church among other worshipers in Spirit and in truth. I Googled (an anagram of “ogle God” ) for a map of AOG churches in the UK. Google came up with a selection of local one’s, contact details, distances, opening times etc. I received a wonderfully welcoming reception, as the love of the Lord Jesus flowed through the Holy Spirit in this place. 

The Pastor delivered a wonderful sermon on Compassion with The Good Samaritan from the gospel of Luke 10 :25 _37 as the core message, Jesus` explanation of whom your neighbor is, in response to the certain lawyer’s question of “Who is our neighbor, and how do we inherit eternal life? “ 

The key to this passage is verse 33, “And when he saw him, he had compassion.” It is from the heart and not from the head, compassion comes from the central areas and not from knowledge. This all linked together with a Compassion project the Church is involved with in Cebu City, Philippines and other great compassionate sponsorship of orphans in Togo, Ghana and Bangladesh. May the Lord continue to bless them in their support. 

 I would just like to add this understanding of compassion. In Colossians 3:12 , the apostle Paul says ” Therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, long suffering.“ Tender mercies in another version says “compassion” and in another the AV it says “ bowels of mercies.” A stirring in the very bowels, in the central core of the body . From this understanding it is clear that compassion does not come from the mind. 

The wonderful Jessie Penn-Lewis wrote in “The Climax of the Risen Life “ on  A “ heart of compassion. “ of yearning, tender pity born only to the life of God in a believer, and which brings in power to suffer and to endure for the growth and life of other groups.  Amen. 

The afternoon was spent with my family which also involved watching my granddaughter doing impressions of a duck, finding the biggest puddles available and splashing around. After tea , we said our goodbyes and it was onwards to the Kettering area for the night. 

God bless

Saffron Waldon

Flitch Houses


  1. Fran Strandholt

    Power to endure the growth and life of others. That’s compassion from god. At it’s core is sacrifice which Christ did for us. But ur right..we have to embrace this knowing there r costs but great reward. It a all woven together in Christ. So cool

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